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This package includes it all, at a fantastic price. We will do the windows and gutters and then power wash the exterior of the house including the driveway and the deck. Big Juicy himself will even come mow the lawn.


Small home: $699

Medium: $999

Large: $1799

The Trio

The Trio package covers all the essentials. We will do the gutters, windows and power wash the exterior of the house. 

Small home: $399

Medium: $499

Large: $699

The Quick Fix

With this package we will be in and out, but you are sure to notice the difference in your home after we leave. We will do the gutters and power wash the deck and driveway.


Small home: $299

Medium: $399

Large: $699

Individual Service Pricing

Gutter Cleaning

Small Home  -$150

Medium Home  -$175

Large Home  - $215

Square Footage Guide

   Small Home 0-1800 sq. ft.

   Medium Home  1800-2800 sq. ft.

   Large Home 2800-3500 sq. ft.


Not sure? Call us and we will help calculate your square footage. 

Window Washing

Small Home  -$125

Medium Home -$165

Large Home  -$200

Deck Washing

$125 and up- Based on size of deck



$50 and up- Based on size of driveway



$.35 per square foot



Small Home -$235

Medium Home -$335

Large Home- $430


$35 and up- Based on size of lawn

Interior Garage Wash

One Stall Garage- $60

Two Stall-  $120

All prices are a starting point. Discounts offered for multiple services completed at a time and for regularly scheduled services. We accept payment by Cash, Check and Debit/Credit Card. Full payment is due at the time of the service.  


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